Finding a home and staying safe

I wanted to take a moment to reach out with some updates on my home tour process to align expectations, make the most efficient use of everyone's time, and to keep us all safe!

As you know, it is a difficult time to be searching for a home. Inventory is limited and with historically low interest rates, demand for the few homes on the market is high.

Moving forward, I'm implementing the following processes to ensure I can most safely and effectively serve my buyers:

  • It is becoming increasingly common for listing agents to request a pre-approval letter from prospective buyers to ensure they are qualified. Please make sure that I have your most recent loan pre-approval and note that it is generally not possible to tour homes that are listed above your pre-approval limit.
  • It is challenging to schedule efficient tours due to high demand, limited showing times, and PEAD submission requirements. I respectfully request that you provide a minimum of 24 hours advanced notice to schedule tours.
  • Weekends are high demand times for property showings, so prioritize weekday tours whenever possible.
  • Remember that only 2 buyers and one agent can access a property at a time. If you have other family members who need to see a property they need to schedule a tour at a different time and execute a separate PEAD.
  • In general, last minute tour additions, changes, or requests to include additional family members cannot be accommodated at this time.
  • Many listing agents have implemented a new call-before-showing (CBS) code for additional security. To give my staff time to get this information in advance of your tour, please execute PEADs as soon as possible after receiving a DocuSign.
  • When preparing tour requests, please send all properties in a single email. This reduces back-and-forth and helps me organize tours most efficiently.

 I want to emphasize that this is a marathon, not a sprint. If we work together, target properly, and remain patient, I'm confident that you will be a new home before you know it!